Nutrition Tracking for Vegetarians

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    Unlike other nutrition trackers, Wholesome let’s you track  80+ nutrients including macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and multiple types of antioxidants and omega 3s.  The nutrition data is reliably sourced from the USDA. 


      Wholesome let’s you track foods or recipes and will spot nutrient gaps in your diet. These are the nutrients commonly lacking in vegetarian diets:

      • Protein
      • Iron
      • Vitamin B12
      • Omega 3s: specifically EPA & DHA
      • Calcium
      • Zinc


      Wholesome not only calculates your daily nutrition, it also suggests foods to eat to fill any nutrition gaps. For example, if you didn’t get enough iron and protein for breakfast or lunch, it will find foods rich in both for dinner. With Wholesome you can optimize your diet and get the most out of what you eat. Wholesome also warns you when you’ve had too much sugar or sodium. 


      Simply enter in the ingredients and Wholesome will calculate the nutritional content of your recipe and save it for easy tracking. Wholesome will also score the recipe out of 10 points on its healthfulness. Recipes can be your own creation or you can also bookmark recipes from the web. You can track any recipe in the app including: your own recipes, your friends recipes, or recipes from the community. 


      In the 'tips' section of any food page you can learn how to select and prepare whole foods for the most nutrition. For example, did you know it's best to chop garlic and let it sit for 5 minutes so that enzymes can get activated that bring out the most nutrition? The tips section also includes information on whether or not to buy organic and pesticide risk. 


      Simply set your profile as vegetarian and the app will remove animal products. 


      Wholesome is a fantastic tool for tracking your nutrition while pregnant or while trying to conceive. Folate (also commonly known by the synthetic form 'folic acid'), is a critical nutrient to consume while pregnant as it reduces the risk of neural tube defects in infants. With Wholesome, you can ensure you're getting enough folate from your diet. Just set your profile to pregnant, and your goals will adjust allowing you to track toward the USDA recommended intake levels. For example, an adult woman is recommended to have 400 mcg of folate per day, while a pregnant woman needs to get 600mcg. If set to pregnant, Wholesome will auto-adjust your goal to 600 mcg and all you have to do is track until you reach 100% for the day.


      Wholesome supports ages 1 and older. If you decide to track for your child, it is important to change your profile settings so that the recommended goals are set appropriately.


      Did you know that women are recommended to have twice as much iron as men and pregnant women need three times as much? Just set your profile and the app will take all of these factors into account and set your goals according to the USDA guidelines. Want to get extra protein or set your sodium goal lower? You can customize your own nutrient targets within settings. 

      50,000 FOODS AND 20,000 RECIPES

      Wholesome's database started with 500 whole foods and has grown to over 50,000 in just a few months. Hundreds of foods are being added daily by users. 


      Wholesome allows you to know that you are getting all the nutrients that your body needs through whole foods. It also allows you to create your own recipes to maximize your nutrition. For example, Alice used Wholesome to construct this nutrient packed dinner:


      "I don't eat meat, but it's important to me that I'm getting all the nutrients I need to be healthy. Wholesome helps me make that happen." - Slystew
      "I started using this app to track protein on a plant based diet. I love how it gives me a beautiful visual of what I'm eating and what I need for holistic nutrition. It's far better than similar apps! Love it!" - Plant Based Health
      "I'd been looking for an app that could do more than track protein, fat and carbs. This app contains many details on the vitamin and mineral content of foods. It's extremely helpful when you're wanting to track nutrients and ensure you get what you need rather than just count calories. " - Becca
      "I wanted an app that wasn't for dieting but simply telling me if I was getting enough protein and vitamins. This app is exactly that."- Mobejo
      "it sure does make you conscious of what you eat, as a food diary would, but no nagging about diet, lose weight, etc, which is a problem with other apps. As with most Americans, I'm usually too high in sodium, sometimes protein which was a surprise, not enough fruit, vegetables. The benefits convince you how great they are for you, so it motivates you to try to eat more of the good things!" - Jetta375
      "Great app. I'm vegetarian so this app helps me see what I'm missing, and keep track of my daily nutrition" -  UpInTheSky
      "Counting calories and keeping macros in order is much easier with this app ! Killing it, life changing" -Mr.Hoten
      "So impressed! Perfect app to help you understand your nutrition better and where you can improve!" - aBCDZXy00

      Wholesome syncs with Health Kit and Apple health app.