Intelligent food suggestions

Wholesome Pro goes beyond just tracking foods, it also suggests what to eat next to fill your nutrition gaps. So if you didn’t get enough iron and protein for breakfast or lunch, Wholesome will find foods rich in both for dinner. You can get suggestions for the day or get suggestions on your trend over time.

Save & track your own recipes

With Wholesome you can:

  • Group foods together within the app to create a recipe.
  • Add a recipe from a cookbook and include a photo of the instructions. 
  • Bookmark and calculate the nutrition of recipes on the web. 
  • Craft meals to maximize the nutritional value.

When you create a recipe, the app calculates the recipe's nutrition and overall health score. You can track the entire recipe with just one-click.

Share recipes with friends

Wholesome includes community recipes and also allows you to connect with Facebook to see your friends' recipes. 

Great for vegetarians

Find out if you're getting enough protein, iron, vitamin B12, omega 3's, calcium, and zinc in your diet. Set your profile to vegetarian and Wholesome will not only suggest vegetarian foods to fill your nutrition gaps.