Tracking and Food Diary

How do I add a food to yesterday?

Go to 'yesterday' in the food diary and hit the '+' button. If you have an older version of Wholeomse, go to your Food Diary and click on edit at the top right. Then select the food(s) you want to move, hit 'remove' at the bottom of the page and select yesterday. 

How do I remove a food that I've eaten?

Go to your Food Diary. Click on edit at the top right, then select the food(s) you want to move, hit 'remove' at the bottom of the page.

How do I see my nutrition from a day in the past?

You can see another day's nutrition in the past by clicking on 'today' at the top right and then choosing the day.

How do I add a food to track it? 

You can add foods directly to your food diary or from any food page.

How does the 'My Nutrition' page work? 

The my nutrition page calculates your total nutrient consumption from all the foods you've eaten. It can be used to quickly see what nutrients you are low on. Your goal is to get to 100% for each nutrient with a blue bar. If the bar is white, that means that there is no USDA recommendation for how much you should get each day of this nutrient, and the amount that you've eaten today is shown instead.

How do I see my nutrition from a day in the past?

You can see another day's nutrition in the past by clicking on 'today' at the top right and then choosing the day.

How can I spot deficiency trends? 

On the 'My Nutrition' page click on 'today' at the top right. Choosing 7 or 14 day average will show you your average amount for each nutrient over the last 7 or 14 days. This view allows you to spot deficiencies that you might not realize by looking at just the daily view alone.

Can I see grams eaten for each nutrient instead of percent?

Yes. Click on any nutrient in 'My Nutrition' and a page will appear that shows you both the amount you've eaten in grams and what the USDA recommends for you. On this page, you can also see what foods you ate containing the nutrient you are looking at.

How can I find foods to fill nutritional gaps?

Click on the nutrient in the 'My Nutrition' experience and a modal page will appear. Then click on the link that says "best food sources”.

Can I see what foods I ate with a particular nutrient? 

 Yes. Click on the nutrient in the 'My Nutrition' page and you'll see a list of the foods that you ate containing that nutrient. 

What is the Food Diary?

Your Food Diary lets you maintain what you've eaten. You can get there from the app menu or click on the images of the foods you've eaten at the top of the 'My Nutrition' page. Tip: You can add foods even before eating them to see how it would benefit your overall nutrition. If you decide not to eat it, you can easily delete it from your food history.


Foods, nutrients, & personalization

On food pages, why do some nutrients not have a %?

When a nutrient has no daily amount recommendation determined by the USDA, we simply display the total amount of the nutrient present in the food, (e.g. "1.5mg"). You might be wondering, If the USDA does not set a daily recommended amount for some nutrients - are they actually important? We think so. Many of these nutrients like Beta Carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, etc have important health promoting properties and prevent disease like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's. Most of them have antioxidant properties to protect your body from the damaging effects or free radicals. The app helps you find the best food sources of them and discover new phytonutrients to learn about.

How do I learn about the health benefits of a particular nutrient?

On any nutrient page, click on the 'about' tab on the top right to learn about it's health benefits.

How do I look up a particular nutrient, like iron?

You can look up any nutrient by going to the app menu and selecting 'Browse Nutrients' or by clicking on any nutrient on the food page (shown above). On the nutrient page you will see a list of the best food sources.

Should I set my age and gender?

We recommend that you go to the settings page to update your profile and set your age and gender. This will allow the app to give you nutrient recommendations tailored for you. Nutrient recommendations for women can differ from men and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you often need extra doses of nutrients. For example, an adult woman needs twice the amount of iron as an adult man, and that goes up to three times more if you're pregnant. Age can also impact your nutrient requirements and the app will update to reflect any changes you make within your profile.  At first glance, it may not look like the nutrients have changed - but they do!



How can I download the in app purchase again without paying twice?

Download the app from the store then go to the tracking purchase page (to do this click on "My Nutrition" in the app menu). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue "restore" button.

Is there an Android version on the way?

Please see here:

The app is missing some foods that I eat regularly, can you add them?

We have more foods under search than whats shown in our browse experience. If you can't find what you're looking for in search, try adding the food yourself. Go to 'my foods' section and click on '+'. 

Can I group foods into recipes so that it's easier to track all at once next time I make the recipe?


Can you add a setting for vegetarian/vegan?

We have a vegetarian setting and are working on a vegan setting.

Are any of the foods in the app nutrient enriched?

There are some, yes. It's hard to find milk in the US without added Vitamin A or Vitamin D. Where possible we have put in the option to track either the enriched and natural versions - so you can decide for yourself.

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