Vitamin B6

How the Wholesome app Personalizes Your Nutrition Goals

We've had many questions about how Wholesome personalize's your nutrition goals and why the %'s in Wholesome don't always match up to the %'s on nutrition labels. We're going to explain exactly how it works in this post. 

In order to print the daily value for each nutrient on a nutrition label, the food industry has to standardize the recommended amounts. The problem is that we all have different nutritional needs depending on personal factors. For example, women are recommended by the USDA to have 2x more iron than men each day and pregnant women are recommended to have 3x more iron than men each day.

Recommended Dietary Allowances for Iron [5]:

iron nutrition recommendations


The food industry sets 18mg of iron as 100% across all nutrition labels (since they only have space to print one value on the label). But adult men only need 8mg per day, while a pregnant woman needs 27mg per day. So if an adult man was to get 100% of the nutrition label, he would actually be getting more than double what is recommended. While the pregnant woman would only be getting 2/3s of what she is recommended to have.

Wholesome takes all your personal factors into consideration and tailors your daily goals according to the USDA recommended daily allowances recommended for you. All you have to do is enter in your profile information within settings. 

Here is another example. The food industry sets 100% Vitamin B6 as 2mg on nutrition labels. 

But in reality only a breastfeeding mother needs that much in a given day. Here are the real recommended amounts by age, gender, and pregnancy status:

Recommended Dietary Allowances for Vitamin B6 [1]:

Vitamin B6 nutrition recommendations NIH


Because Wholesome is a digital experience (instead of a static nutrition label), Wholesome can adjust your daily goal for each nutrient based on any your age, gender, and pregnancy status. 


Let's assume you are entering a Vitamin B6 supplement into Wholesome as a custom food. The nutrition label says that 100% daily value for Vitamin B6 is 2mg and you enter that into Wholesome. 

Wholesome already knows that 100% is 2mg based on this table provided by NIH:

Reference Values for Nutrition Labeling, Based on a 2,000 Calorie Intake, for Adults and Children 4 or More Years of Age

Because Wholesome is more precise based on your age and gender, it knows that you only really need 1.3mg. Thus, Wholesome will show the Vitamin B6 supplement that you entered as 154% of your daily Vitamin B6 for that day because it is based on your personalized target rather than showing 100% which is the non-personalized industry standard. 


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