We had a baby!

If you’ve noticed less updating to the app and slower response time to your emails, it’s because we (the founders of Wholesome) just had our first baby, Kira! It may surprise you to know that we don’t have any other employees. Yet somehow even with a baby we still managed to release the barcode scanner on iPhone this month (woohoo!!!). This is all thanks to my wonderfully hardworking husband and cofounder who works on the weekends to make this happen.

Kira is now 4 months and is very active and wants constant entertainment. I thought I would be one of those minimalist moms but that went out the window on day one. I’ve purchased quite a few toys for her out of desperation and have accumulated quite the collection.

Many of my momma friends have been asking me where I got my toys so I put together a list of her things for them. These would also make great gifts if you know someone that is expecting.

  1. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

    This is a must as soon as your baby starts reaching and grabbing things at approximately age 3 months. Kira likes to hold it and chew on it. It’s fantastic!

2. Splashin’kids water mat

This makes tummy time enjoyable!! I also have Kira sit and look down at the water. She loves it. You simply have to fill in with water.

3. Skip Hop Baby's View 3-Stage Activity Center

This is the best purchase I ever made. Kira has been playing in this since she was 2 months old (she could hold her head up pretty early). SHE LOVES IT. She has spent 45 minutes playing on her own in it. I also attach other suction toys and she goes crazy for it. She even rotates herself in it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (only for babies that can hold their heads up).

4. Sassy Wonder Wheel

Buy this and put it on the Skip hop activity center above (use some water so the suction really sticks). You will not regret it. Kira goes CRAZY spinning this thing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

5. Fat Brain Toys pipSquigz Loops

While you’re at it, buy this also and attach it with the suction to the skip hop play center (or anywhere really). It’s loud (not like those other pipsqueak rattles). Awesome for baby!

6. Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo, Blue (Animal Activity)

Another fun activity center for when your baby can hold their head up. The skip hop center above is stationary, meaning that the baby stands but does not jump. This one the baby can jump. It took a few uses for Kira to understand the mechanics and now she loves it! I put a small firm pillow underneath since she is slightly short for it. It is for babies that can touch their toes to the floor on the shortest setting (approximately 4 months old).

7.Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick 'n Play Piano Gym 

Kira enjoys this and the songs are cute and addicting. It plays head shoulders knees and toes and I cant get it out of my head! It also has a mirror which Kira enjoys.

8. Skip Hop Explore & More Follow-Me Bee Crawl Toy

I LOVE this toy. It helps with tummy time because Kira is entertained watching it wheel around and light up. The music is AMAZING. I got some of these as gifts because I loved it so much.

9. Fisher Price Bright Beats Dog

This dog wiggles and sings and dances. It’s very entertaining for baby.

10. Sassy Floor Mirror, Blue

Great mirror for tummy time!

11. Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity Caterpillar 

I love this caterpillar because it has a ring that Kira can easily grab and it rattles. I attach it to the carseat handle and sometimes to her activity centers. There are two velcro pieces that make it easy to attach anywhere.

12. Bright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn Toy 

This thing is tooooo cute. It zooms along the floor and flashes colors and gallops. It also has a stationary mode for tummy time. This this is what inspired Kira to roll from her back to her tummy when she was trying to reach for it.

13. Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym

I like this activity gym because 1) it has this singing light up elephant which has saved me from a lot of crying and 2) it becomes a ball pit for when Kira is a bit older.

14. Skip Hop’s Farmstand

I love this farmstand play center! It has an avocado that rattles and a bunny that plays Old McDonald and its super cute to have in your living room. The picture on amazon does not do it justice. It’s adorable. I call it Kira’s “veggie garden”.

15. Developmental play gym by Lovevery

This is the only toy I do not personally own but I have seen it in person and heard from two other mommas that it is awesome. It comes with a booklet for developmental stages, its also super cute.

16. Ducky Bathtime Thermometer

Dual function - cute ducky also tells you the temperature of the water - a must have for bath time!

17. Shiloh Caterpillar

The bee and the lady bug rattle, and Kira loves it! I sometimes attach them to other things she’s playing with. The caterpillar is very cute.

18. Shiloh Crib Mobile

This was a hit from day 1. The songs it plays are super addicting and the toys are plush and cute.

19. Mr. Penguin

Kira likes to kick this little penguin ninja style in her crib at night so that she makes the stars dance around the room. I like that you can easily attach the velcro strip to the crib. The music is kind of annoying, but still glad I bought it.

20. Sophie the Giraffe

Really easy for Kira to hold and chew on. Good buy!

21. Singing VTech Butterfly

A friend gave this as a gift and it is awesome. It flashes a light and sings and the wings make crunchy sounds. It’s simple and Kira LOVES it.

22. Manhattan Whoozit

Love this toy. It easily attaches to stroller, makes noise, and its mostly black and white (its not shown in this photo but the other side is black and white) which is great for baby.

23. VTech Soothing songs bear in blue and pink

A friend got this for Kira and since was born it has often helped her fall asleep. The star flashes and the bear sings. I hang it near her crib.

24. Lamaze toys

Freddy the Firefly




25. Mozart Magic Cube

This thing is so cool, it’s an orchestra and as you push the buttons it plays more instruments. Love!

26. Wood Baby Gym

27. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Pair this with the wood block thing above and your baby can play for hours.

28. Bright Stars Links

This is essential for hanging toys to the right height so your baby can reach them. I hang these over my changing station and its Kira’s favorite spot in the house. I bought 3 packs so I would have enough to build toy fortresses all over the house.

Note: These are my daughter’s favorite toys, they are also affiliate links to amazon